1.Project Management

The cladding on any building is the ‘face’ of the building, it is invariably the first thing that everyone notices, and therefore paramount in creating the ‘first impression’. It does not matter how good the architecture is, if the brick veneer is not right, it significantly affects the finished look and structure.

I can state from personal experience that regardless of how good the team you may engage to install your brick veneer, from architect, engineer, bricklayer and  the builder,  significant issues can arise and a level of expertise and attention to detail is required to guarantee the outcome you deserve and are paying for.

Having the brick or block veneer installation ‘Project Managed’ helps ensure the following:

  • A quality brick product is selected.
  • Issues that may arise from calcium, vanadium and manganese salts are reduced.
  • A competent tradesman is installing the veneer.
  • The designer’s detailing is correct, and will not lead to ‘weathertightness’ issues.
  • You have a specification using the best products for the project.
  • You have a comprehensive specification written by an expert for your protection.
  • The quality of the bricks to be installed is ‘controlled’.
  • You can have confidence in the ‘mortar quality’ – the glue that holds it together!
  • The correct type of brick tie has been used and installed according to the specification and the building code.
  • You can have total confidence in the security of this heavy-weight cladding during a seismic event.
  • That the veneer is reinforced as, and where I would consider it necessary to do so.
  • Mortar joints make up close to 20% of the finished look- your mortar joints will be consistent in thickness and appearance, which is essential.
  • As issues arise during construction, they will be addressed promptly, saving time and money.
  • Control joints will be installed where required, and as important – if required.
  • There will be an even spread of colour over the surface of the veneer – essential.
  • The veneer will be left in a clean and tidy state.
  • The veneer will comply with all requirements, and will not prevent the approval of a ‘Code Compliance Certificate’ on completion.
  • I have a good working relationship with most council’s throughout New Zealand, many of whom I have trained. This relationship facilitates resolving issues that invariably occur regularly on projects.
  • Most council’s will accept a Producer Statement from me for; Design (PS1), Plan Review (PS2), and Construction (PS4). Authorised Author 1712 with Auckland Council for brick veneer.
  • The end result is a cladding, that enhances the architecture, is secure, compliant, adds value to the finished product, and one you can be proud of.


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