2.Complaint Investigation


Brick is a “finishing product”, so it needs to be installed right! Do you have a problem with your bricks, old or new? Not happy about the bricklaying?  A problem with your brick cladding, such as leaking, salts, poor quality mortar , cracks in the mortar or simply that it just does not look like a professionally installed veneer and fails to meet your expectations?

Home Owners:

Being a finishing product, brick impacts significantly on the overall look of your home; it needs to be done correctly as it may be difficult to correct later. It not only needs to comply with all building codes and regulations, you are paying for it to be installed to a good trade standard, and that is exactly what you should get!


Not happy with the quality of bricklaying on your new project – I can help? Council has refused to issue a Code Compliance Certificate because the masonry veneer has issues of non-compliance – I may be able to help resolve the issues? You need approval to use second-hand bricks? Just need some good guidance and advice?


You feel the client’s expectations are too high and you want a second opinion? Having problems getting a Code Compliance Certificate?  You feel the council inspector is being unreasonable? Not happy with the quality of the bricks, or you have an issue with the brick suppliers? I can help resolve many of these issues.


Need help with your masonry veneer design? How do I make this brick detail work? Stack-bonding – you require a Design Certificate? Your brick specification needs to be comprehensive – is it? Does it comply with E2/AS1 Masonry, or do you have ‘Alternative Solutions’ in place? Having problems with the council?  Need help in selecting a masonry product and someone to lay it for you? I can help with all these issues and more.

Why you may need a comprehensive quality report on your masonry installation.

Everyone should demand a high standard of finish on their masonry veneer; in my opinion, and without question, it is the best form of cladding you can use on any building.

Based on my experience, when anyone has a problem with their brick product, or the quality of the bricklaying, they invariable spend up to 2 years chasing their tails trying to get the matter sorted for free. It just does not work and in most cases will not happen! Stop and think about it, the brick suppliers manufacture and supply bricks, and are understandably reluctant to pass comment or judgment on their customers, who are the builders and the bricklayers. Their technical expertise and knowledge of code requirements, also has its limitations that is not their role. Local bricklaying associations also find it difficult to criticise other bricklayers, who could be members of their organisation, or certainly well known to them. Any trade organisation or association, are in a similar position. The questions you need to ask are: Do they have the technical expertise and experience to address my issue? Do they have a vested interest of any sort? Do they have the required communication skills, both oral and written, to successfully address my masonry problems? Would they act as a witness in court on my behalf?

I am very well known in the industry, and the simple fact that I am investigating the situation on your behalf, tends to gain people’s attention, and resolving the issue takes on a more urgent response.

I not only inspect the veneer from a ‘compliance’ perspective, but also from a ‘workmanship’ perspective. I also review the plans and specifications for compliance with the codes; did your plans comply in the first place? Should the council have issued a Building Consent based on the information supplied? Should they have issued a ‘Code Compliance Certificate’ on completion? Council inspectors only look at compliance issues, and from my years of experience, many are not well trained or up with the play on what is required, and often approve veneers that are non-compliant, and in a worst case scenario, unsafe.

My reports are comprehensive, covering all aspects of the veneer installation. They detail all remedial work necessary, should this be required. The quality of the report you receive, and who wrote it, is very important. It is difficult for anyone to defend or argue a point that is clearly spelt out in black and white by someone of my standing and reputation. I am by far the most experienced person in New Zealand when it comes to masonry veneers, and whatever I write in a report, I would defend on your behalf, at mediation or in a court case, should that become necessary. A quality report is money well spent, and significantly reduces the likelihood of legal action, and/or court cases – hence, saving you both time and money, not to mention stress!

I am completely independent, have no vested interests, approach every job promptly and professionally, and believe I provide an excellent service for my clients, regardless of who they may be. Refer to my testimonials on this site.

Do not wait on promises; act now and have the issues sorted – it’s your home, your building, your project and most importantly, your asset! Contact me for an estimate.