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Testimonial for John Oliver

Rarely in my working life have I known somebody able to clearly communicate complex information so simply as John Oliver. It is a gift well used.

John demonstrates a deep understanding of his specialist subject matter, and the ability to explain facts to a diverse range of audiences within the building spectrum. Nationwide respect in this regard is hard earned and deserved.

In an industry needing people of courage and conviction who will speak the truth and stand behind their statements, John Oliver shines as one of those beacons. John is professional, reliable and thorough. The best is always worth paying for.

Within a building climate where clients need certainty and responsibility taken for sound solutions, John Oliver is able to deliver on these needs. This is particularly important for those seeking quality project management, where authorities, suppliers and tradesman respect John’s knowledge and valued opinion.

As a vendor of brick products, I regard John as a mentor to our industry, where his Brick Book has been adopted as an industry standard. Subsequent technical documents for veneer products and systems have proven highly valuable, with John’s trademark clarity and grasp of all issues to the fore.

Vital experience and onsite data gleaned, as an approved EQC assessor for earthquake damage in Christchurch, makes John the ideal advocate for systems and products that work well under extreme pressure.

If you want something done once and done well, engage John Oliver. 

Chris Marshall

General Manager
Creative Brick & Stone Ltd

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As National Sales Manager for Monier Bricks & Roofing for a period of 3 years, I engaged the services of John Oliver, Brick Consulting Ltd, from time to time, to help resolve brick and bricklaying issues. I elected to use John as he is a credible, expert, third party consultant who will give an unbiased assessment of what has gone wrong, and what needs to be done to fix the issue. Over the years he has proven that he has experience in the New Zealand brick industry that is second to none. His dedication, prompt professional service and expertise demanded that I turned to him again and again. By engaging John early with an issue, I found that I save time and money, and a lot of customer frustration.

Kerry Heard

General Manager
Intek Security Group Ltd

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For anyone considering building in brick, the best advice I can give is to consult the expert on the subject. John Oliver (Author of John Oliver’s BRICK BOOK) can offer a comprehensive service that includes the writing of a comprehensive specification, peer reviewing of details and drawings, assistance with Building Officials and Producer Statements should they be required.

Another very important service John provides is full Project Management for all brick construction and brick veneer in particular. The brick cladding is the finished product, and can show the quality of the build or detract from an otherwise well-built building. When the brickwork is supervised by an expert such as John, the quality of finish and added value to the building, easily justifies the cost involved. Expert supervision is critical to assuring a quality installation and finished good looks, which in turn provides confidence in weathertightness and structural stability.

If you have taken the risk of building without expert supervision, and problems have arisen, then the best way to get an ‘independent assessment’ is to call John Oliver. As the most experienced and respected expert in the Brick Industry, you can be assured of a professional, accurate assessment of all the issues involved, and I should add, if legal action is a possibility, a report from John is in my opinion essential.

Larry Greene

Coach Developments Ltd

Ex- President of Certified Builders Association of NZ

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I have known John Oliver for approx. 10 years, both professionally and as a personal friend. I have always found John to be an honest, capable person with a passion for whatever he attempts. His life experiences cover a broad cross section of the building industry from architecture to project management, from building inspection to technical consultant. In addition, he is a very capable trainer and presenter and many of my staff have attended courses run by John.

I have no hesitation in recommending John as a practical and competent consultant to the building industry.

Bob de Leur

Senior Building Official Auckland City Council

Past President of BOINZ

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11th June 2005


I have worked with John Oliver at Monier Brickmakers for 7 years.

In that time I have come to realise that John is considered in the market place to be the leading expert for bricks in New Zealand.  John is at all times professional, organised and well prepared and presented.  He displays a high level of integrity and is intelligent and has a broad knowledge of the entire building industry.  He is a confident presenter who thoroughly researches his topic and presents in a entertaining and educational manner.  John is highly regarded by a wide range of individuals within the building industry in New Zealand.

Megan Branks

National Sales Manager

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Penguin is so impressed with the work John has carried out as Technical Consultant for the D-I-Y Manual that I can safely say that, without his special talents and dedication to the task, we would not have been able to produce the book in the timeframe permitted.

In his work on the manual John displayed a wide knowledge of experience on technical subjects. His knowledge ranged far wider than the building industry and there seemed little he didn’t know something about!

John’s totally professional work on the manual enabled us to publish an outstanding book. I have no hesitation in recommending him for similar work.

 Geoff Walker

Publishing Director
Penguin Books (NZ) Ltd

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